Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Move over Curt Schilling - Heidi

Being a Red Sox fan, I thought my son would think it was really cool that I had not one but two bloody socks after my 18-mile run with Martha on February 11. He thought it was gross but did ask to see the holes in my feet! It's amazing what an extra millimeter of toenail can do - no matter how short they seem. I now plan to trim my nails the morning of the Marathon. One learns from their mistakes. I was running well in a 5K two years ago when my shoe came untied in the midst of the downhill finish forcing me to slow to keep it on my foot. On April 16, I will double knot the laces of the shoes encasing my really short toenails.

Some of you were concerned that Martha and I ran on Wednesday in the snowstorm. The blog entries are posted a few days after I submit them so we actually ran the Sunday before the storm. Martha waited for me to end my 24 hours of being in the Hospital and then my family drove the two of us out to the starting line of the Marathon in Hopkinton. We drove the race course and kept driving and driving. When we finally got there, I think my son was worried about how far from home we were – so he offered to give me a hug. He probably thought he would never see me again!

Sunday was beautiful and the roads were bare and dry so everything turned out ok. As usual, our steady stream of conversation made the passing miles blur. One thing that helped keep Martha going was her plan to try her first Gu when we got into Wellesley. We slowed to a walk for our Gatorade and nourishment break. I had brought along a Gu as well, having tried it for the first time in the Boston Half Marathon. I had to lean against the wall of a store in Wellesley and laugh as Martha grimaced, puckered and gagged as she had her first swallow. Her descriptions about the consistency were not kind so having already discussed bloody socks, I will leave that to your imagination.

Even though the overall race course from Hopkinton goes downhill, we encountered rolling hills along the route. Once we got to where Route 16 crosses Route 128, we ran up Walnut Street to complete our run. I can now begin to imagine how the Heartbreak Hills will feel after completing more than half the Marathon!


Anonymous said...

The two of you are too funny! Your postings are great. Best of luck on Patriots Day!

Anonymous said...

You should clip your toenails about 2-3 days before the marathon. I clipped mine once on the day of a race and cut them too short and it was really sore. Good luck to the both of you, I really enjoy your blog!

emilee doherty said...

thats a good one Heidi!!! keep going! i'll be there on the marathon cheering you on =)

Anonymous said...

'Sounds like you and Martha are doing well on your training thus far. Hopefully you had some good runs this past weekend and plan some more this week with the weather predictions for the 50-60's!

About those toenails....as an athlete you should always keep your toenails clipped short and STRAIGHT ACROSS to help avoid ingrown toenails. I agree with the posting to do it a few days in advance, just in case you go too short.

As far as the GU goes....ALWAYS practice with nourishment as your body may react poorly and you don't want to find that out on race day! Oftentimes, just keeping a watered down electrolyte drink that you drink regularly will work better and taste better, but you need to figure that out now!

Keep healthy and keep on running!

Gayle Olson, MS, ATC, PES
Athletic Trainer