Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So Much Snow – Laura

With only five more weeks to go, I finally buy a new pair of running shoes. All this running has made my feet bigger and wider - resulting in the need for a wider running shoe. The new ones feel perfect!

Who knew it could snow so much in March? This is a blessing because it prevents one from running too much, which is a common mistake.

This weekend I finish an 18-mile run: the beginning three miles on a treadmill, 12 miles outdoors and the last three miles on the treadmill. I can determine the exact pace that causes the least amount of discomfort by testing out different rates on the treadmill. The optimal pace is slower than I prefer to run, but results in no injuries; the only soreness I have the following day is from snow shoveling!

The message I receive is: Physical endurance is the ability to test one’s patience, slow down the pace and push through those frequent moments when one’s mind says, “I’d really rather be stopping and eating now.”

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