Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heartbreak Hill - Heidi

Today was the first training run that I was actually a little nervous about. Martha and I decided to run Commonwealth Avenue, which includes the “heartbreak hills.” Martha was hoping to run about twelve miles. I used a great online tool to map out our route. It’s a website called I had heard about it from our Suburban Striders Running Club and Martha’s sister had mailed her a clipping about it from Better Homes and Gardens, I think. It uses maps from Google Earth and when you double click on points along your running route it gives a tally of your mileage. It’s great to have someone to do long runs with as Martha and I chatted up and down the hills and barely noticed their presence. My legs and knees were feeling stiff at the end of the run, but overall the run was easier than I had anticipated and helped give me confidence in terms of our ability to face the hills during the marathon in April.

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