Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The World at 4:45 AM! - Martha

Only 10 weeks to go…so now that I am deep into this marathon training schedule of mine, I have been made to realize there are two careers you couldn't pay me enough to do. One is being a paperboy. Honestly, how do these kids do it? Now that I've had to get up at 4:45 (yes, AM) to get my morning coffee in AND a run before leaving for work, I realize there are people out there who do this every day in all kinds of weather and not for fun! You can be sure I will tip my paper guy next year at Christmas. And because it's pitch dark at 5:00 am for another good hour, I have to wear a cap with an LED light on it so I can find the road. This brings me to the next occupation I can cross off my list: coal miner. Not that it was ever high on my list to begin with. But how these guys narrow their lives to a small circle of light 10 feet in front of them, not knowing where their feet are landing, I do not know. It actually makes me kind of dizzy, but I try not to think about it. Without the light, I'd be forced to wait for a car to come by and shine its lights on things (hopefully on me first).

I tried running after work, but my legs felt like lead, the cars (of which there seem to be a million at 5:00 pm) wouldn't stop and I was too tired to cook when I finally dragged myself home. Not good for family relationships. So it's the paper guys and me. But the good news is, I'm up to a 15-mile run – an all-time high for me! It definitely makes all the difference having a running buddy on these long runs. When Heidi was away a few weeks ago, I ran 13 miles alone and it seemed like two marathons. There are only so many conversations you can have by yourself. When I run with her, it seems like we run out of miles before our topics of conversation are done. I can't imagine how boring this would be to do alone. Misery really does love company!


Mary Crotty said...

You go, girls!!!
Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

you are wicked funny and write so well. . . .I hope you won't give up your day job

Anonymous said...

Eewww!!! Did you say 4:45am??! Not sure how you do it, but clearly you're doing great!!! It looks like you're making steady progress and I look forward to reading more about your journey. Please tell the paperboy hello from NWH!