Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Away in North Carolina – John

I did not submit a blog entry earlier because I got sent on a last-minute business trip to North Carolina. Last week started off okay, but ended rough. The week went downhill on Thursday. I was out running with Molly and experienced some gastrointestinal distress and barely made it back home. After this unpleasant experience, I did not feel well for the rest of the week. I took a long run on Sunday of about 12 miles, but I still did not feel well and had to do some walking breaks. My wife told me I should not have taken the long run and she was right. I am feeling better now.

Tonight, I am meeting up with a fellow who I met a few years back as we were both presenters at the same conference as well as collaborated on a few issues at work. His home office is here in North Carolina. Wes is a triathlete and we are going to take a run together. When I saw him yesterday, he looked like he trimmed down a bit and he told me he is training for a half-ironman distance. I’ve done a couple of triathlons in the past. The multi-sport aspect was kind of fun, but I really prefer running.

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