Friday, March 14, 2008

Tough Week – John

I am sick again and now on antibiotics. I just spoke to my friends Paul and Jimmy to let them know that I would not be running the New Bedford Half Marathon. I also just informed the president of my running club to take me off the list since the club pays for entry to this race. Now in addition, my son just fell down and hurt his legs so my wife took him to the ER.

I sit here with the company of my faithful companion. I reflect on the fact that “Marathoning” is a very selfish activity. I reflect on how I appreciate my family’s tolerance of both my morbid obesity and my self-indulgence for almost seven years. Maybe I can make Boston this year. I look at the poster in my home office, “Impossible is Nothing”. I need that level of positive thinking right now.


Heidi said...

John, I felt like you did this time last month and was worried about all the time off. However, I think not running when ill is absolutely the right choice. A month later, I certainly don't regret having missed a week plus of runs.

As to your other point, I agree that marathoning is a selfish experience and I'm struggling with that one too! Heidi

Verna Gurwitz said...

The rest will be good for you. I have no doubt that you will rally and come through for Boston.