Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Running the Marathon Course – Sue

It is now eight weeks until the Marathon and it's still hard to imagine that day. I did do a training run yesterday as a guest with another running group. They took us out to Hopkinton and I literally ran home to Newton. The run was planned to go to mile 22, which I knew I wasn't ready for, so I “cut out” past the fire station on Comm. Ave since I knew I was a mile from home. It was good to get a 19-mile run out of the way, as well as to be able to scope out the course! I did have to run a stretch of it alone as my running buddy had a muscle pull at mile 11 and needed a lift home. It will be nice to have a lot of other folks around me and cheering for us on race day.

I agree with Cody in that I should have had more to eat along the way. I was going to bring GU but thought it might have been provided, so I left it behind. I tried to stop every two miles for water or Gatorade, but by mile 16 or so, I definitely could have used GU or even a few jellybeans! That's why this is training right, so we learn what to do better the next time.

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Heidi said...


I'm part of the Suburban Striders Running Club and Clara S. said you would be a fun person to meet. I ran for Newton Wellesley the last 2 years and am training again. Good luck with everything and hope to meet you at some point.
Heidi Angle