Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Weather Report – Sue

Thank goodness for the milder temperatures this past week. I planned for a 16 miler last Monday and was lucky to have two friends run with me as a “tag team” - one running 10 miles and then met with the other for another six back up Comm. Ave! I took a couple days off, and started to deal with a bit of chest congestion, which is now clearing up. I was also glad to have gotten that one out of the way - and on a Monday when I didn't have to take 2 1/2 hours from family time.

This past Sunday I thought I should bump up to 18, according to a plan from Runner's World, but some of my running friends were going to do 12, so I thought that would be enough. It was mild, but windy! I am hoping the weekend looks good, since I think I will aim for at least 16 to 18. I really find myself focusing on the weather report even more than before!

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