Monday, January 31, 2011

First Long Run – Elise

So the weekend before this last one I did my first of the longer build up runs. Normally I am doing six to seven miles on one weekend day but this run was 14 miles and of course it ended up being one the coldest days of the winter. I was nervous about being too cold so I quadruple layered on top and double layered on bottom. I also wore a hat, neck gator and gloves. I once was told by someone that when running you can dress for weather ten degrees higher than what it really is outside. I tried that and it actually seemed to work. My only physical complaint from the cold after the run was a sore nose from rubbing it because it kept dripping. The run itself wasn't that bad. I brought a water bottle with me and tried to work on taking sips every once in a while. I ran with a great audio book, The Help, which kept me from getting bored. All and all it was a good first longer run.


Elizabeth said...

If you need another book suggestion once you are finished, I have some great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Elise, Good luck with the training. If you ever need a running partner for any of your runs, let me know. Andrew