Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Chance to Run Boston – Elise

I have been running since right after high school. All through high school I did volleyball, basketball and water polo so I never had the time or need to run after practices and games. After high school I started running to keep myself in shape and ended up really enjoying it. I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2008. After that one, I told myself that the only two other marathons I would ever be in were the Boston Marathon and the original one in Marathon, Greece. When I started my job here in July 2010, I found out that you could win a bib number through the Hospital so I thought that this would be my chance.

I am going to use the Jeff Galloway method for my training. It is a good method for people who work full time. You do shorter distances during the week and then longer ones on weekends. It’s funny, I am pretty good at working out regularly but normally if I don't feel like working out one day I just give myself a break. But now it seems like it is a job. I can't slack off or my training will be off. I think most people are concerned about Heartbreak Hill. Luckily I live right by it so I get to train on it pretty regularly. I hope that helps when it comes to race day!

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