Friday, April 20, 2012

An Incredible Experience - Joellyn

I finished!! Monday was really an incredible experience. From the moment I got on the bus to go to Hopkinton to the moment I crossed the finish line. WOW, it was hot. All I could do was lather up in sun block and try and stay hydrated. At mile seven was when I started to have a mental breakdown. I realized because of the heat I was going to have to make adjustments. One of the adjustments was the fact that I would have to walk. I had never had to walk while I was running and I was having a hard time with that. I knew walking was going to slow me down considerably and it would take longer to finish. I knew I had to make a decision, quit or accept reality? I couldn’t let everyone down, especially myself. I trained four months for this moment and I had to finish. After I came to terms with that, it got easier mentally. Every time I passed over the tracking devices I thought I’m still alive and still moving.  Before I knew it I was in front of the Hospital and I knew I was almost there. Surprisingly enough Heartbreak Hill wasn’t that bad. After two more miles I saw my family. There was my husband, kids, my parents and my brother cheering me on. I high fived them all and kept going. Before I knew it there was the finish line and I was so happy. I remember crossing the finish line and being so proud of myself for setting a goal and completing it. As I hobbled along I got my foil liner, my legs were actually numb, and then I saw Freddie. He gave me a bug hug and I realized I had really done it and actually survived. 

I would like to take a moment to talk about the people I saw. The first person I saw was Robin Hood, hat with feather and all. I saw someone in a tutu and a tiara. I saw two different people in cheeseburger costumes, really? The best of the day though was the man in the short sleeved brown shirt. I would like to say he had more on than that but not much. It seems he wanted to run in a thong. Yes, that’s right a thong. I thought maybe I was hallucinating but no I was really looking at his butt.  Ha, classic!!!!
The last four months have been an incredible experience. When I look back at the things I have accomplished in those months it is truly amazing. I trained and completed the Boston Marathon. I blogged. I started back for my master's, which I got an A in the first class. And I managed to maintain a somewhat normal home life for my family.

The question I get now is will you run another marathon and what’s next? My answer to that is I don’t know. Next up is the Ruckus in June and I will continue my running. I’m thinking of doing a half marathon in Las Vegas in December. My husband may run it, I guess if you can’t beat them join them! Freddie and Sherwyn are now talking about doing the Goofy Run in Disney next year. A marathon through Disney? Now that may be fun.
I want to thank my husband and kids for putting up with me for the last four months. I know the training was hard on them but they supported me the whole way and never complained. Though on Saturday my husband looked at me and then at my feet and said “you’re lucky I love you, your feet are nasty.” Ha! Thanks to all my friends and family for everything, from start to finish you were there for me. Thanks to Freddie Sanchez for all the running he did with me and all the advice along the way. Thanks to Daniel Destin for even putting the thought in my head to run the Marathon. I can’t forget to thank Jouel and Rich, team telecom, for always giving me that extra push I needed.  Thanks to everyone at Newton-Wellesley for the words of encouragement before and after the race. It was amazing to me how many people knew I was running and then tracked me during the race. I also, want to thank everyone who was at the race cheering the runners on. If it wasn’t for you, I may not have finished. From the people who had hoses to cool the runners off, to the ones with ice or oranges, to the ones who were just there cheering, thank you!!!!

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