Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Stir Craziness – Dave

I've gotten into more conversations this month about the challenges of running through 100 inches of snow that we've had here in town than I can count. The fact is: I'm not upset about the snow. I'm jealous of everyone who can still get out there. Thanks to a heavy December and January, I'm nursing an injury that will keep me sidelined for another few weeks - or at least until the sidewalks get a little better and I can be more careful about keeping my legs strong.

This has also unfortunately turned into my longest break from running - not a great time for it with April 20th just a little more than seven weeks away - and being stuck inside with the dream to go running through a winter wonderland has definitely been tough. Like most of marathon training, it's another mental hurdle and block. Snow rage gets the best of us, and when you lose an outlet like activity, it only gets worse.

I wish I had more ways to get at it. I've picked up some cardio on the bike, but just like running inside on a treadmill can drive me crazy, the idea of not moving anywhere requires a strong focus. The pool is great but it can seem even lonelier than a solo run out on the Charles. After so many years of being an "outside, any weather, any time" runner, my injury has forced me to reconsider how to stay fit and mentally awake as I prep for the next big race.

The good news: the snow will melt, my leg will be healed and then I can finish getting ready for my morning in Hopkinton! Until then, it'll be an exercise of focus and a commitment to the gym.

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