Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One Week Away! – Kristina

Wow! I cannot believe that the Boston Marathon is one week away. I have a million thoughts running through my mind. Did I train enough, did I train right, have I eaten right, am I going to be able to do this, I feel like I just started training, I can’t believe how many miles I have logged since January 1 (somewhere around 200), I wish this winter was better, what is the weather going to be like on Marathon Monday, and the list goes on and on. Deep breaths, deep breaths, that is what I keep telling myself.

This whole tapering thing seems odd for some reason. It just doesn’t seem right to not have to run 20 miles on a weekend day. It feels like I am almost slacking, but I know this last week with the short runs is what my body needs in order to fully recuperate and be ready for race day. I did run a 10k this weekend that was supposed to be in March and it felt great to be out in the nice sunny weather running along the course. The funny thing was it was only 6.2 miles and I had planned to use it as a relaxing run to just find my pace legs, but the competitor in me always seems to kick in. It was hard for me to stay in my pace and I actually ran it faster than I could have imagined. Not at all how I wanted to prep, but sometimes you just have to follow where your legs will take you.

I look forward to the week ahead! I can’t wait to experience the expo next weekend and do all of the touristy stuff that goes along with the Marathon. This is my first marathon and it is even more amazing that it is the Boston Marathon. I wish the best of luck to my teammates at NWH and to all of the runners hitting the course next Monday. This has been an amazing journey and I am so happy that I have been able to experience it.

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