Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting Into the Flow – Katie

I am continuing to happily plod along with my training. The snow does not put much of a crimp in things because the towns do a pretty decent job of keeping the sidewalks cleaned off.  And when they aren’t, runners take over Washington Street in my neck of the woods as if there is a race each weekend morning.  I love the friendly “good mornings” and waves knowing each runner is doing exactly what I am doing. I live on Washington Street in Wellesley (on the Marathon route - a bonus when I found the apartment) and enjoy observing this weekend morning parade as much as I do participating in it.

I took advantage of seeing NWH Physical Therapist Corey McGrath and she got me and my bum hip all fixed up. I have certain stretches to do and literally the pain has gone from nagging to occasional.  So I am psyched about that because it simply is not fun to train in pain and having the fear of further more permanent injury. I am supposed to be adding strength training, which requires a gym membership that NWH has so generously offered the runners at Shipley and I’ve yet to take advantage of. One small miracle at a time.

This weekend a long run is planned and I’m actually looking forward to it.  It is a chunk of time where I can get lost in a book. I listen to books instead of music when I run. Currently it is The Revenant by Michael Punke and if that dude can lose a fight with a grizzly bear and still survive I can certainly suck it up in my new sneakers and runny nose. The midweek runs are getting easier because the daylight hours are beginning to stretch longer.  So all in all training is good and the days are getting longer and the injury has healed and I think I may actually be getting into the flow of training and that is the most important thing of all.  Do. The. Work.

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