Friday, February 26, 2016

Savoring It As I Go – Jennifer

Training has been a lot of fun the past few weeks. We have been getting very lucky with the weather. I love the snow but this certainly works out for my training! I did get the chance to go for some beautiful snowy trail runs, one during the storm and one the next day when the sun was shining on the fresh snow on the trails. It was truly beautiful. My longest run has been 14.25 and that felt great! With only 7.5 weeks left until the big day, I have to work on getting my long runs longer. Next week, 16 miles! Getting the long runs in has been a matter of time as much as endurance. Overall I am feeling good. Yoga and HIIT training are keeping me feeling flexible and strong. My friends and family who are coming along with me and encouraging me are keeping me motivated. I am really enjoying this. I'm looking forward to the race but trying to remember to savor it all as I go along.

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