Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Half Marathon Recap – Katie

As part of our ongoing training and in an effort to get more miles in (there *may* have been an incident last week where I bailed on Erin and there was pizza and a couch involved). Erin and I decided to head to Hyannis for the half marathon this past weekend. The weather was sunny and bright and temperatures were mild. We made the port-a-potty line with minutes to spare before the race start. The race felt great and I was surprised at the kick I had for the last few miles. Neither of us had problems with injuries! It feels good to be getting in the zone where runs mostly feel good and to have done a race where I am reminded anybody can run- old, young, big or small. It is in this zone where the work gets done and the miles get logged and the routine and habit of running come before all of life’s other distractions – which are plenty. It is in this zone that I pay attention to how my breathing feels and how my body feels. It is usually good. Unusually good. Way better than the creaking stooped old lady that gets out of my bed every morning.

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