Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking Forward to the Race! – Cody

Two weeks until the big day! I'm now getting the question "are you nervous???" with increasing frequency. The answer is… not yet. For now I'm going off of the assumption that I've been using the right plan for my body and that I'll be able to get myself to the end somehow. Right now I'm focusing on trying to stay on track with my training plan. I'm finding it easier and easier to talk myself out of a workout here and there, probably because there is only a short time between now and the race, I don't know how much more fitness I will be developing. I'm looking forward to a lighter week next week to get ready for the race and I'm really looking forward to the race.

On a different note, interesting things have been going on with my sore knee lately. Thankfully it now hasn't really hurt for two consecutive 13-mile runs. Unfortunately it hurts even worse if I pedal a bike for more than two minutes. This is good news for that Marathon, but bad news for the MS Cape Cod Getaway that I've been planning to ride with a team from Newton-Wellesley to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research. It’s a two day, bike ride that is either 75 miles per day or 100 miles on the first day and 75 on the second. I'm planning on doing the longer version. Because of this sore knee, my cross-training options are backward from what I would have liked. It would have been perfect if I could have used the bike to cross train for the Marathon and get some miles in for the MS Getaway, which is ideal because I like riding my bike better than running. Now it looks like I'll be doing the opposite: running to get in shape for the bike ride. I think my best bet is not to worry about the bike ride and focus on running in two weeks, then sort out what I'm going to do about the bike ride later. In one of my previous posts I said that I don't think that I was built for endurance events, but between the Marathon and the ride, by the end of the summer maybe all that will have changed!

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