Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Weeks! – Sue

I can hardly believe it's now two weeks away! I know it's getting closer, not just because the calendar says it, but because the snow is finally gone, I've seen some spring flowers and the landscapers are out in force! The stretch on Comm. Ave along the route always starts to get spruced up about now, and it has always been a reminder that the Marathon is getting closer.

I did a 12-mile run last Monday in the drizzle, which I should be used to by now, and had my 10-year-old daughter's iPod for company. I found High School Musical, Taylor Swift and Colbie Calliet to be pretty entertaining actually! If there is good music going along the course, which could make all the difference (along with some nice weather of course)!

After a couple runs during the week, I did a 14 miler this Sunday. This is my last of my longer runs. I went out with two of my guy running friends, one of whom is bouncing back from the injury he had on our long run from Hopkinton. He seems to be back on track based on the pace he was keeping. He is a fast runner, but we can usually run together on shorter runs, however yesterday, I tried to keep up and really felt it by the end of the run. My legs started to feel heavy, and it made me realize I have got to pace myself so I avoid "hitting the wall" during the Marathon. I tried to stay hydrated, and even had two GU to help on the energy front.

I was glad to have my PT appointment today with Carl Faust who has been able to work out a significant amount of the "knots" in my hamstring, so I was able to stretch that leg a good deal more than when we started out - yeah! I have to wonder where I would've been without his help at this point since I know I would've just tried to work it out on my own - or would've tried to mask the soreness with Advil frankly (not a good choice, I know).

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