Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winding Down – Sue

Now that the Marathon is less than a week away, my focus is on winding down. I ran eight miles yesterday, which helped burn off some extra Easter holiday calories! I think I will have a couple more shorter runs and try to get some rest! I am now thinking about the details of picking up my bib number at the Expo, how I will get to Hopkinton, as well as where I will meet up with my husband and kids during the race, and hopefully at the finish! It looks like it will be an early morning next Monday, since I have to get to the Hopkinton State Park for the shuttle bus to the start. I will be looking to meet up with my best pal, Diana, who qualified last year and who I'm hoping to run with for at least a little while.

My usual obsession with the weather continues, although I imagine I am not the only one watching now! It looks like it may be partly cloudy in the low 50s, which would be good. I certainly hope the rain holds off since I would really hate to run in rain or wind for 26.2 miles! However it goes, I am sure it will be a great, and memorable, experience. And thanks to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for the great Adidas running gear!

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