Thursday, February 20, 2014

Advice from the Newton-Wellesley Experts - Tess

New England weather is at times unpredictable. Other times, it is just predictably cold. Running has been more challenging with an average of one substantial snowfall per week. The Physical Therapy team at Newton-Wellesley wanted to put together a few tips and reminders for marathoners that may help you through your training runs in this challenging New England weather.

STAY MOTIVATED: Although the sun is slowly rising earlier, dark mornings and evenings can challenge our motivation and dedication. Consider asking a friend to be your training buddy or running partner. Take a day to cross-train in the middle of the week. (In my experience, every single runner would benefit from cross training, more stretching and additional core work.) If you're just feeling burnt out, try something new – run a new route, do a trail run, check out that Pilates class or swim.  

BE VISIBLE:  If you are running at night or dawn/dusk, wear reflective training gear, headlamps, flashing lights and use well lit streets/sidewalks. For safety, tell a family member or friend your planned route and stick to it.  

GET TRACTION: Feeling that you're slipping backwards while running? Consider throwing on a pair of Yaktrax or turning an old pair of trainers into Screw Shoes to help you build sure-footed speed.   

REFRAME YOUR FOCUS: You have probably found that your times aren't as fast in the snow as on dry pavement. Instead of focusing on speed, improve your running efficiency by working on stride length, cadence and form.

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