Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Keep Swimming - Suzi

My motto this week has been "just keep swimming" from the ever-lovable movie Finding Nemo. This week is the halfway point of my training and I think I'm starting to feel the combined effects of all the long runs. I've been noticeably more tired and probably crankier this week (sorry to those that are around me daily). I have also been dealing with a little bit of a neck injury so the combination of being overtired, neck pain and snow storms, I'm trying to “just keep swimming”. I'm taking one day and one run at a time, and trying to remind myself that a slow run is better than no run. I have my sights set on my de-load week, which is only one more full week of training away. It is a week where my run time is cut almost in half to help focus on an active recovery. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some much needed Z's this weekend, hit next weeks’ long runs (120 min Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and then cruise into my de-load week to mentally and physically relax and recover.

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