Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Experience of Running Boston – Suzi

So far I’m on my seventh week of training. My training consists of runs based on time three days a week, a Crossfit workout twice a week and sprint training once a week, with one rest day. Phew, it’s already been a lot. Despite the high volume of training, I have really enjoyed it thus far. Getting out of bed at 5:00 am to drive to the Hospital and run in Newton has made my commute from Brockton faster and much more tolerable. I also find it to be a nice way to start my day, running before most people are out of bed.

I am stubborn and refuse to run any significant length of time (over 40 minutes) on a treadmill. I just don’t love running enough to stare at a wall or half pay attention to a TV screen for an extended length of time. Thus I have taken to the streets of Newton for the last seven weeks. Mother nature has not been on my side (with more snow falling as I’m writing this, I wonder how tomorrow’s 90 minute run at 6:00 am will go?) At the beginning I found it comical. Running with two pairs of pants, multiple tops, ski hat, socks, mittens and sometimes even a facemask. I still find it funny that I, who hates being cold, am happily running outside with snow on the ground and my water bottles freezing mid run. The further into my training I get, (read longer runs) the more of a pain I find the snow to be. The novelty is starting to wear off, and I would just like the snow to stop.

That being said, THIS is what makes Boston such a special race. The New England winter weather is unpredictable and it takes true dedication, determination and commitment to truly train for this marathon. It is a challenge I always shied away from. Thinking “I could never train for Boston, winter’s are impossible to run.” Well I have done what I previously thought was impossible, and as much as I want the snow to go away, I know at the end of the day it’s all part of the experience of running Boston!

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Anonymous said...

Suzi, You have the true New England spirit and I am proud of you! Sending sunshine from Cali for your next practice run. K