Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winding Down – Aubrey

It’s hard to believe that the Marathon is less than four weeks away. Although the training has at times seemed almost endless, it’s rapidly coming to a close. Taper begins in two weeks, and I’m both excited and terrified at the same time. I’ll be happy to have some relief from the nightly runs and the weekend 18 and 20 milers. However, I’m worried that I’ll forget how to run and that my body will somehow be less conditioned after those two light weeks. I know tapering is part of training for a marathon, but it’s been a big source of anxiety for me. I know it will be difficult to change my routine so drastically after 14 weeks of serious mileage. I hope I take the adjustment well. In order to force myself to let go of some of the anxiety and to not be tempted to over train, I’ve booked a last minute trip to Miami the weekend before the race. I’m fairly certain that white sand beaches, poolside drink service and a golden glow will help usher me into taper relaxation. I’m sure this taper anxiety will itself taper, but it’s got me anxious in the mean time!

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