Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Embracing the Taper – Suzi

Last week, my long run was for 172 minutes (2:52) and covered just under 19 miles in that time. I was and am beyond happy with that! I was not expecting to go that far in that amount of time and feel more ready than ever to tackle the Boston Marathon! On top of that, I didn’t wake up with sore legs as I was expecting to! Compression socks are a life saver!

I must be over tired this week, from my long run last Saturday because all week I have felt slow and tired during my workouts. Last night, during a Crossfit workout that I was seriously looking forward to all day, I found myself struggling to keep going, mentally I was ready to tap out. I usually cruise through my Crossfit workouts, thankful to have a break from running and interact with other people. Last night I had very little in the tank and had to will myself to keep going. This morning’s short 60 minute run was more of the same. I was looking forward to a short early morning run in the warmer weather. Instead, I was tired and wishing I could return to bed, my legs feeling heavy and sore from last night’s workout. I reminded myself that even though my legs felt like cinder blocks, I had to keep going. I would feel this way again and would have to push through it. I knew I had to find a way to make my legs go on when they just wanted to stop. I eventually got through my 60 minute run, and not a moment longer. As I walked slowly back to my car, I decided that this is why we taper. Even though I don't feel exceptionally tired, my joints don’t ache and my muscles don't feel fatigued, my body is tired! It's been a long 13 weeks and I am finally feeling the effects. I was anxious about the process of tapering, and couldn't help but think I would lose the conditioning I've worked so hard to build if I slowed down. I now feel ready to embrace the taper! I can feel the purpose. I can feel the need to slow down, pull back and let my body recover. Throughout this process I have learned to listen to my body and to trust the process of my training. I can say that I've learned a great deal about both, most importantly about myself throughout this adventure. With just a few short weeks left, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and am trying to hold on and enjoy it as it quickly approaches.

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