Friday, April 11, 2014

Mentally Prepared - Suzi

Even though last week I wrote about enjoying my upcoming taper, my running coach had one more long run in store. Last Saturday  I was scheduled to run 180 minutes (three hours!) and I was also on call. Luckily I decided to come into the Hospital to run because 90 minutes into my run, I got a phone call that I was needed in the ED for an echo. I quickly about faced and returned to the Hospital, slipped my scrubs on and went to work. I sort of felt like a super hero, running for two hours and then being called for an echo! It was entertaining at first, but by the time I finished the exam, my legs were tired, I was STARVING and I wanted my bed. I decided I had two choices, call it a day, go home, eat and relax, or get mentally tough, eat the remainder of my gels and hit the road for another 67 minutes. Determined to finish out my training with the same enthusiasm that got me out of bed on numerous cold winter mornings, I put my running shoes back on and took off to finish what I had started. I was proud of my decision, but my legs felt heavy from the two hour break. I had to remind myself again that my body would finish the run if I was able to mentally push past the discomfort. My legs eventually loosened up, and I enjoyed my late afternoon, quiet run in bright sunshine. I finished knowing I made the right decision and that all of the tough choices I have had to make to stay or go throughout this process would pay off on race day. I know I have the physical ability to run 26.2 miles, anyone can do that just once. What training does is prepare you mentally for the road blocks and setbacks you will undoubtedly face during those long 26.2 miles. There will be many emotions, thoughts and feelings running through me on April 21, but thinking back about all the obstacles I have overcome during my training will reassure me that one step at a time I will cross that finish line!

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