Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gotta Love New England – Kristina

January had brought high hopes and great motivation. I started my workout plan/calendar, which consisted of longer runs on the weekends and although cold, still running outside. And then the snow hit, and along with the first big snowstorm came three days of being sick and unable to move, never mind even think of working out. After being sick and taking five whole days off from working out (which was killing me, but I couldn’t breath) I slowly got back into the swing of things. Unfortunately with two feet of snow, there is nowhere safe to run. The roads aren’t wide enough and I am a complete klutz in anything slippery. I have been informed of Carriage Road, which I will be checking out next weekend and I went and checked out the Bedford trails, which were covered in compacted snow, so I have purchased a pair of Yaktrax to try on this safe running trail.

This brings me to the ill dreaded treadmill. The treadmill and I have a love hate relationship. It loves to watch me struggle and I hate to run in one place and struggle through slow miserable miles. I apologize of being negative, but I just truly enjoy running outside no matter how cold or hot it is. I struggle on the treadmill, it takes me forever to run a whole mile compared to outside and after about four miles I am a sweaty mess and completely exhausted. I’ve been trying to switch it up a little and do half mile/mile intervals then walk at a steep incline, but still the most miles I have been able to complete on the treadmill is about six miles due to time restraint and exhaustion from working two plus jobs and more than 56 overnight hours a week. I do lift two times a week after a shorter run, which is something I love and had to reduce to add more running into my routine, but I am happy to say that I do enjoy adding more miles to my routine. Along with watching what I have been eating and adding more miles in I enjoy my running body more and more.  I am happy to say that I am down nine lbs and hope to get another 11 off by race day. I am not a big person, but carrying an extra 20 lbs through 26.2 miles makes a huge difference on the joints and back.

I am looking forward to this upcoming week, which looks like it’s bringing more snow to try to run through, hopefully my Yaktrax and a group run on Sunday morning get me through! 

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