Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Running Partners – Kristina

I am happy to report that this week was more successful than the last few weeks. I received my Yaktrax, I ran along Commonwealth Avenue for the first time and I was able to complete the longest run yet! I was able to log more miles on the treadmill this week. The positive note is the treadmill seems to be getting easier and I am able to run more miles, but the bad news is the treadmill is getting easier.

The great news is Wednesday I was able to try out my new Yaktrax! These were a huge success! It was a beautiful and sunny 22 degrees out, but no seriously it was nice out (sad that I now consider 22 and sunny “nice”). Even after working all night I was able to log 5.3 miles outside, which is something I haven’t done since January! The Yaktrax were great and worth every penny. I ran on a safe path set off the road, which consisted of some loose snow, some compacted snow and some ice, but they held up to the test. I never felt like I was going to fall and I am happy that I was able to be back outside. Without these I would have never been able to run outside.
Sunday was supposed to be the Half at the Hamptons half marathon, but due to the snow the race has been postponed till March. The biggest success of the weekend was a long run on Sunday with two fellow runners and co-workers at NWH, Ann Chang and Katie Calvo. We may be all running for different causes, but our end goal is the same. We set up a 6:45 am meet time and I can say if I didn’t have these two to meet I can pretty much guarantee I would have never made it out there. The weather predicted was a wintery mix and somewhere in the 20/30 degree range. I left my house with about 2’’ of snow on the ground and was not looking forward to this early morning run. But we got going and it ended up being a great run! I got to experience Comm Ave and the hills for the first time. My fellow runners made the time and miles go by and the weather ended up clearing up. I will be honest the last few miles were a struggle for me, but knowing I had those two in front of me, I did what I could and kept trekking along. This is the longest distance I had run in about two years and overall I am happy with how things went. I was sore and exhausted after but very happy that these two got me out there to do 12.5 miles. I know I still have plenty more miles to go, but this run helped me put the rest of my training in perspective. Having others to run with motivates me to push myself to keep up! I already am looking forward to our run next weekend together. 

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