Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Backing Out – Tom

On my first long run, the temperature did not exceed 25 degrees. Sunday, it was 70 by the end of the run. Though it was great to go out in shorts and a t-shirt, I'm not sure that I prefer it. I drank during the run, but sure could have used more fluids. This is New England after all, so this stretch of early spring can't last. On April 10, the 10-day forecast will be available and I'll be online with the 26,000 other runners.

We're tapering, so Sunday was a 14-mile run. I felt pretty good, except for the adjustment to the heat. I'm forcing myself to follow the advice to cut back mileage during the week. The advice says to run only one day this week at "marathon pace". Since I've yet to run a marathon, and I don't wear a watch during the week, I'm not quite sure what it means. Today, I just slowed down and ran a relaxed five miles.

I picked up my running singlet and long-sleeve shirt today. It's really nice – Adidas Marathon gear with “Newton-Wellesley Hospital” on the front. Now that I have the gear and my photo's posted, there's no backing out.

Each year, I go on a golf trip with friends from the Hospital. We plan it in the fall so I committed long before even contemplating the Marathon. We leave tomorrow morning. A month ago, I wasn't enthusiastic about going, worrying that it might throw me off my training so close to the date. How stupid of me – I can't wait to leave. It's a great time and I'll come home refreshed. I warned the group that I'll be up early for a run and that I'll be “smart” with my evening wine allotment. The travel days even enforce more rest and less running, which is a good thing right now.

Enjoy the week. Next week this time, we'll be in final preparation mode, which as far as I can tell, is rest, food and beverage. Now that's my kind of training!

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Ernie Parizeau said...

Tom - Congrats on your training and best of luck in the race! Will be cheering for you from in front of the hospital (where I will be rowing with Fred). Best, Ernie