Wednesday, April 14, 2010

See You on the Course – Tom

I'm looking forward to next Monday with anticipation and anxiety. I feel as though I've done the necessary training but worry if it was enough. My injury has healed, mostly as a result of cutting back on running. I figure it's better to finish at a reasonable pace than flame out trying to go unrealistically fast. I've been reminded by many friends that I'm not as young as I used to be!

This week, I'm getting plenty of advice: Don't start too fast, drink early and often, don't drink too much, etc. It's fun to hear the different approaches and I really appreciate the support I'm getting. The last week is a real break, with so much less running. I "only" ran 10 miles this past weekend and can see why now. My body aches all over so it will be good to have a week of relative rest before the big day.

Sylvie, however has had a difficult week. She has been unable to run because of knee pain. Rest has not helped so she's getting medical advice. Hopefully, she'll be able to run but it's an unknown for now.

Thanks to everyone at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, especially the Charitable Foundation team, who have made it possible for Sylvie and me to run. The number, access to Physical Therapy, the cool running shirts and complete support throughout the Hospital have made this a great experience for me. If you are at the Hospital, look for me to pass sometime around 1:00 pm. That's assuming I cross the start at 10:30 am and keep to a nine minute/mile pace. I'll be wearing a Marathon blue shirt with "Newton-Wellesley Hospital" across the front. If you really want to find me, my bib # is 26,268 and there's an ATT cell phone alert service on the Marathon website.

Thanks again to all for the terrific support and I'll see many of you on the course.


Caitlin said...

Tell your friend with the knee pain to get the CWX compression capri tights for race day! I have knee issues too and just bought them for race day myself. They are magical. Good luck! My number is 14808!

Anonymous said...

Tom, Will not be working in the med. tent at finish again this yr (you and Sylvie won't need it)nor can I be on the course to cheer you 2 on. Have a great time enjoying the crowds, Wellesley Coll women,NWH fans, and rooters at BC! Congrats on a memorable day in your life.
From a first and only marathoner 1995, Ginny McCabe