Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Overcoming Burnout – Sabrina

It took me a few days to re-energize after the 20 miler; and when I got back to running last Wednesday, something just wasn't right. The nagging pain that I felt in my left leg during the race had progressed to a dull ache, and my well being, overall, had gone from generalized all over pain to localized epicenters of agony! I did my best to jog a few times, but only put in about eight miles last week. I felt that my body and my mind needed a rest. I hadn't gone skiing for about six weeks, and the weekend forecast was perfect for spring skiing.

My fiancé and I headed over to Bretton Woods Saturday and skied a six solid hours in shorts and tee shirts under bluebird skies in 86 degrees! We had a blast. It was really great for me to get out and do anything outside but running. I was feeling a bit of training burn out and didn't want to push it. Saturday after skiing, I went for a run/hike with my dog, Terra, along a dirt USFS road in the White Mountains; two miles out on the road, three miles out on a hiking trail, and then back on the road. The snow melt has turned even the smallest streams into turbulent cascades; and I had to take my sneakers off and cross a small stream barefoot. I let the cold water wash over my tired legs and feet. It felt wonderful.

Sunday I also skied, albeit only for the morning. The snow conditions were deteriorating rapidly, so we opted for a cold drink on a sunny deck and spent some time looking for skiers on the snowfields of Mt Washington.

I'm starting a little physical therapy this week to get me back on track (thanks, Carl!). My goal for the next couple of weeks is to get a few nice jogs in and let my body rebuild and my motivation recharge. On a happy note, I'm pleased to learn that I have surpassed the $1000 fundraising goal for the Vernon Cancer Center, and donations are still coming in. Thank you to all who have chosen to support me and the Cancer Center! Your generosity is greatly valued.

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