Monday, April 9, 2007

The Chronic Dilemma: Nothing to Wear! – Martha

In exactly 12 days my crooked little feet will be passing over the starting line in Hopkinton. Sadly, they will not be wearing Manolos. I wonder if that's ever been done by the way?! One of my most frequently asked questions as things start to wind down (or up) is if I know what I'm going to wear yet. I'm assuming one reason people are asking is so they can identify me in order to provide amenities such as chocolate or fresh Band-Aids (or CPR). A spritz of perfume might be a nice touch now that I'm thinking about it. As I gaze out the window right now, I'm watching huge snowflakes starting to dust the crocuses and I can honestly answer I haven't the foggiest idea what to put on that day.

And for me to say this is huge. People who know me know I have a passion for clothes. They are one of my reasons for getting out of bed in the morning (the top being needing the job to pay for them). But I really don't know how to dress for a day that could start out freezing and be sweltering by the time we hit Heartbreak Hill. And it's not like I can pack a suitcase just in case the weather “surprises” me. Although I did think about the nice models they have with the easy-to-roll wheels. By the time I somehow figure out where to attach my cranberry shot bloks (in lieu of lunch), extra shoestrings and tissues, I hardly think there will be space on me to stash a pashmina in case it gets chilly in town. Oh, and I have to save room for the extra contact lens and mirror in case my lens goes flying out or, worse yet, rolls toward the back of my brain and needs to be manipulated back into place. Thank God Heidi’s a doctor! I've thought about the layering concept and just starting the race looking like an astronaut, but I am too vain for that. And too cheap. It would kill me to just ditch clothes along the way. And I've also been told just to wear the same clothes that I've been running in (laundered first of course) and not to change anything. But I've been training in 20 and 30-degree weather! God forbid it's over 40 that day…what are the odds? I guess this conundrum is one of the reasons that makes running this so much of a challenge and so full of surprises, right up to race day.

One thing I've got going for me is that I am a fast shopper when I want to be. I suppose I can always dress for hot weather and pack a credit card... that won't take up too much space. I'm thinking a quick dash into the Wellesley Gap may be all I need to get rejuvenated. God knows it's worked for me before!


Anonymous said...

This is Martha's sister Mary Lou. I'm sure Martha will be fashionable no matter what she wears. I recall her having lipstick and nice earrings on in the picture taken immediately after her oldest son was born (I mean immediately)---I was very impressed with that! I figure the marathon is nothing compared to childbirth!

mary said...

you're absolutely right about that!! while you're at it, how about the challenges of raising the child, paying for the child and worrying about the child. all challenges that make a 26 mile run look like a stroll in the park! martha