Friday, April 13, 2007

I Can Do This – Martha

Ok, so I have accepted the fact that there is going to be a Nor'easter arriving for the Marathon. In some ways, given my tendency to gravitate toward the glass is half empty side of life, I am not surprised. This training almost seemed too easy – up until now, of course. Now I get it. Assuming there is not another World War (the reason it got canceled the last time in 1918) this race is going to happen. And I am just going to have to suck it up.

I just went outside to empty my trash and I thought I was going to blow away. And to think this is only the “precursor” storm! Have I mentioned how much I HATE RAIN! AND WIND! And RAIN AND WIND TOGETHER! These are the reasons I always go inside and exercise during the winter. But I was the nut who signed up for this and this was obviously in the fine print I didn't read. So come Monday, I am slathering on the Vaseline, packing the extra socks and off I go. I'm scared about how bad it might be but I'm not alone (I'm not, right, Heidi? Heidi? Thank God for company). And let me just say, right now I understand if no one comes out to cheer us on (well, besides the inebriated). I probably wouldn't either. That's okay. I probably won't be looking up anyway thanks to the gale-force winds. But in my mind, I'm going to picture it being sunny with tons of people waving and cheering... and my Dad looking down... and my mom watching it on TV... and I'll tell my family how great it was to see them at the finish line. Just a few hours of pain...I can do this!


Anonymous said...

Lets hope the wind is at your back for the race! Rain rain go away! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Ahem Excuse me. This is Martha's (uninebriated) sister again, who will be at the race with Martha's three children, during the Nor'easter (now expected to rival the infamous storm of '78), watching Martha run past us at a station near Newton Wellesley Hospital. Martha's operating room colleague and registered nurse Betty Sparks, has promised she'll be helping to man the First Aid tent at NWH on Monday, so it's good to know the tent is there in case I need it also.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha & Heidi,
Just a quick note to congratulate both of you on completing the windy, wet and wild 111th running of the Boston Marathon! Way to go!!While I'm sure that you're relieved that the race is finished, I'm sorry it's over 'cause I've used your blog to entertain & motivate myself on my own "I don't want to train today" days. I love your sense of humor...apparently, from the comment by Martha's uninebriated sister, it's heredity! In your spare time, when you're not doctoring, mothering and doing all those other jobs that fall to women our age, you should write a book! Keep smiling and again CONGRATULATONS!
MaryAnn, Lowell, MA
In-training for the Kona 1/2 Marathon to benefit the American Stroke Association