Monday, April 9, 2007

The Taper – Heidi

Martha and I attended the last Suburban Striders track practice indoors at Babson College today and were asked where our blogs for the week were. It seems as though our writing abilities are slowing with our mileage totals. We’re both alive and well but ran in the back of the pack today and kept a conversational pace throughout the workout. While we’re both stiff and achy, we managed our 10-mile run of the weekend without too much trouble. It seemed like old times when a car roared by on a small road, nearly forcing us into the brush. When we got back to Martha’s house, it was bittersweet to realize that we’d completed our last long run (other than the big one on April 16).

My body is definitely ready for this “cool down” period. I got great advice about my calf soreness from Cathy, the Suburban Striders’ coach and from Gayle Olson, who manages the Shipley Fitness Center at the Hospital. Gayle has also been kind enough to twice manipulate/rub/pull my feet and legs. Her hands are magic and the tight areas are so much better. A new annoyance has been olive-size lumps on the tops of my feet, which according to my Internet surfing must be ganglions. While they are bigger and somewhat tender after a run, they shrink by the end of the day. As Martha said in her last blog, these small setbacks are so trivial when one considers the insanity of life in many parts of the world and one looks around at neighbors/family/patients who are battling a whole range of medical and family issues. I take strength from those that I see facing adversity with bravery and a positive outlook.

I am honored that the two of us have provided a bit of inspiration to others in their exercise endeavors. Who would have thought our little blog would get to MaryAnn, who I presume is in Hawaii. MaryAnn, I lived at Fort Shafter, Oahu for two years during which time I attended Punahou. I haven’t been back since, but would love to return and snorkel all around the Hawaiian Islands. Good luck with the Kona ½!


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to cheer you two on, don't forget to tell us what your numbers are ! Elise &Abby Ruggles, topsfield ma

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi,

Nope, I'm not in Hawaii...yet. I'm only half way through my training. The "recommitment" date is this Thursday, the race June 24th. A little (lot!) afraid as both training and fundraising are tough and slow...but pretty sure I'm going to recommit anyways. Have worked too hard to walk (run) away! I hope that you and Martha have a GREAT run on the 16th. I'll be cheering for you and checking your blogs for your post-race follow-up. No matter how you finish, remember "the joy is in the journey"...despite the blisters and kamikaze drivers...and savor all the good times you had in preparing for and running the 111th Boston Marathon!