Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Did It! - Heidi

I'm heading out of Logan for a quick April vacation with my son and husband, but wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and well and thrilled to have completed the Boston Marathon. I'm actually walking this morning and went down one flight of stairs without going backwards. What really helped on the course was all of the fans. You definitely have low energy points, so to see people you know on the route gives you that much needed infusion of strength and desire to finish. It wasn't a fun day to be a spectator (but I'm so thankful that for fans and runners it wasn't any worse). The roads were consistently lined with people. The crazier and louder the cheers, the better. We really needed the screams of the Wellesley women at the halfway point and were even more in need of the wild cheers of the BC students getting closer to the end. Martha and I finished hand-in-hand, arms raised victoriously. We were both so happy to have done it and also to be done. I couldn't have logged all those training or marathon miles without her.


Anonymous said...

Heidi--Thanks for all the support you provided to Martha---You guys did a fantastic job yesterday! Whatta day to run a Marathon!
Martha's sister, Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha & Heidi,
Just a quick note to congratulate both of you on completing the windy, wet and wild 111th running of the Boston Marathon! Way to go!!While I'm sure that you're relieved that the race is finished, I'm sorry it's over 'cause I've used your blog to entertain & motivate myself on my own "I don't want to train today" days. I love your sense of humor...apparently, from the comment by Martha's uninebriated sister, it's hereditary! In your spare time, when you're not doctoring, mothering and doing all those other jobs that fall to women our age, you should write a book! Keep smiling and again CONGRATULATONS!
MaryAnn, Lowell, MA
In-training for the Kona 1/2 Marathon to benefit the American Stroke Association

Anonymous said...

Heidi! There's the London Marathon coming up April 22nd! Check it out! Congratulations--You did a great job finishing and barely looked tuckered out at the Finish!
Mary Lou