Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fuel Trial Run – Todd

The snowstorm last week kept me from running again until the long run that ended week six. I wanted to try something different with nutrition and hydration in an attempt to feel better for runs longer than nine miles. For a future long run I will try some high-tech sports bars and gels but first I wanted to try something simple. I bought CVS Brand Candy Orange Slices for 99 cents. There were 23 in the bag. I ate a couple every mile and drank three Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonades, one every four miles. All of that totaled to about 1100 calories and 20 ounces. I ran 15 miles, of which the first 13 felt great. I couldn’t taste anything sweet for the rest of the day. I ran back and forth on Comm Ave between Walnut Street and the Mass Pike with a hundred or so other runners training for the Marathon. After my run I took my kids to the Museum of Science where we had lunch, watched an Imax Film about the Great Lakes and wandered around the exhibit halls. This morning I saw only one other runner while running faster than my normal pace for three miles through slush.

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