Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hitting the Wall – Jenna

It is amazing how 10 miles seemed far, and now onto 14+ miles, things are getting easier as the miles fly by. Typically things are going well. I'm staying healthy and making sure I am eating and drinking enough so I don't get run down. It is also getting easier to decline late night plans Saturday night, and hit the hay early so I have plenty of energy for my long runs on Sunday mornings. However, I learned the hard way this past weekend, upon mile 11 of 14, what "hitting the wall" really feels like. I haven't been good about bringing Swedish fish, my running food of choice, with me, and although I wasn't mentally tired, I felt like I just couldn't stay moving. I felt totally fatigued, like my legs were made out of lead, which had me walk/jogging the last three miles, and eventually calling it quits a bit short of 14. I won't make this mistake again! My goal this week is to try the "goo" and see how I like that. All in all, training is going well and what is keeping me on track is the fact that every mile accomplished will make those 26.2 miles easier come April 18!

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