Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learning about Hydration - Todd

I ended week five of my training with an 11-mile run on Saturday. I went up and down Commonwealth Avenue between the Fire Station and Boston College. My older kids were in a science class all morning, so I played Cars (the movie) with my youngest son for two hours in the morning. After a small lunch I started my run. I rehydrated with “Honest Kids” juice pouches, the same ones my kids drink at school. I drank one every four miles. The first nine miles were great and the last two were miserable. I hope I can do something different with my nutrition and rehydration next week. On Sunday the kids and I went sledding and my legs didn’t feel too bad climbing up the hills. I started week six training today before the snowstorm. Some of my friends are becoming my unofficial coaches with recommendations for specialized compression garments and speed work. I haven’t decided to buy the fancy pants, but I did run two of my four miles today at a pace of eight min/mile, over one min faster than my regular pace.

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