Friday, April 8, 2011

Expert Advice: Almost There!

Just over a week to go! Great job everyone! Hopefully you are all feeling confident and proud of what you have achieved so far! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns leading up to the big day. And remember, if you have any issues, we're hosting the Annual Post-Marathon Injury Clinics for registered runners of the BAA Boston Marathon. I think it’s a great idea to have friends and family meet you along the course. Even if it’s only for a mile, it’s uplifting to have someone run with you. Come race day, stick with your routine that you’ve used for your long runs. If you're used to eating two Ego Waffles, coffee and a glass of OJ before your run, then do that. If you run 45 minutes before you have any water, then do that and take it easy on the water stations…they'll be every mile. This is a great week to really be good about stretching, even if you just do some biking, the elliptical or a short jog, start with a warm up and then spend 20 minutes every day doing some good stretching. It'll help you feel limber and ready next Monday. Have fun and enjoy the taper!

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RunningWild said...

What is the best way to taper the week before? What should I eat and how many miles should I run. My long run was 8 miles this past week. This will be my 3rd marathon, first BM.

Thank you!