Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank You – Todd

I finished and reached my goal! I have so many people to thank. First of all I would like to thank Newton-Wellesley Hospital for giving me an official Marathon entry. Thanks to my family for giving me the time to train. Thanks to the Laboratory staff for all of their encouragement. On the night before the Marathon I stayed at a friend’s house in Marlborough. This allowed me to sleep in and avoid the long bus ride from Boston. (And to eat Oreo cookies as a midnight pre-race energy snack.) The run itself was enjoyable all the way until the first of the Newton hills. Thanks to my friends, family and co-workers that cheered as I passed. My children each had a sign and a GU for me, which was a big boost. The fans throughout the course were amazing. I especially appreciated the kids who were handing out popsicles. Later in the run, when I was miserable, I was encouraged to see any kid with a sign that said “Go Dad.” After the race I went out to dinner and ice cream wearing my Boston Marathon Medal. Thanks JP licks for my congratulatory ice cream sundae! I took a week of vacation at home with my family during which I was able to fully recuperate. Finally, thanks goes to those who work in and support all of the great work that is done at the Vernon Cancer Center at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

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