Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ready – Jacqui

The mileage this week was even less than last week. I found it hard mentally to cut back on my regimen after training on longer runs for so long. At first, I began increasing my speed as I had a lot of excess energy, but I quickly learned this is NOT what you are supposed to do during the taper weeks. The next day after running 10 to 11-minute miles (up from my prior 12-minute miles), all of my muscles in my legs tightened up. Ugh... definitely not the time to develop new injuries!

Although I have the energy to go faster and train harder now that I am not running really long distances, the whole idea behind a taper is resting your body and muscles for the big day. I have found that I have to consciously hold myself back during my runs as it just seems too easy. Who is this person?

I am trying to focus more on getting good sleep and stretching regularly. I am really loving the extra time away from running to spend with my family. I have done all of the hard work. Now it is just a matter of time until the big day. I am ready.

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