Monday, April 18, 2011

Run Home! – Jenna

Only one easy two-mile run on Saturday stands between me and the Boston Marathon! I couldn't be more excited. I live in the Back Bay, right near the convention center, and they are already setting up some of the tents and hanging the posters, which is pretty neat. I can't wait to go to the convention to pick up my number and see all the other runners and take it all in. All I have to tell myself on Monday is RUN HOME! My last 20 miler went well, and I am feeling strong. I have no doubt in my mind I can run this and run it well - as long as I fuel at the right points, and not worry too much about the hills. I am excited for mile 17 - to run by the Hospital, as I know I will need a little boost pre-Heartbreak Hill. I wore my NWH jersey top last night for an easy three miles and it wore well, so I know I can wear this on race day without any problem. I will be running with my running buddy Ture, who I have trained most long runs with, and I really hope we both do well and can cross the finish line together! All in all, I am soooo excited, and I can't wait for Monday. Thank you to NWH for giving me the opportunity to run the Marathon, support our organization and raise money to support our brave cancer patients and the services that benefit them here at the Hospital. Thank you to all my family, friends and co-workers who have helped me surpass my fundraising goal! Thank you to all the individuals who have organized this for us, looked after our fundraising and helped us with the blog! You all have done a wonderful job and thank you for your support! Look for me on Monday is my yellow NWH jersey!

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