Thursday, April 14, 2011

Run Like a Rabbit – Todd

This last week has been remarkable for the amount of recognition and encouragement that I have received from my friends and coworkers. Many friends have asked for an estimate of where I will be at their particular viewing posts. I hope I can see them along the route at the Hospital, the Fire Station, scattered up the Newton Hills and in Kenmore Square. Many members of the NWH community have stopped me in the halls and said they would be cheering me on. The NWH Laboratory had a recognition breakfast for the runners from the Laboratory and Sleep Center. It was nice to hear their words of encouragement while we all loaded up on carbohydrates. There was a rabbit theme with chocolate bunnies and a banner that said “Run Like a Rabbit.” I appreciate their suggestion that I might be that quick; however, I will be perfectly happy to finish like the tortoise.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Good luck Todd,
pace yourself and I'll be at the hospital cheering you on.
Tom Beatty