Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Extra Rest – Maureen

It's just less than nine weeks out and so far my runs have been going well... my body has been feeling the effects though. My shin splints that I had in the beginning are gone but I've been experiencing soreness in my right hip and left knee during and after my runs. I've decided to only do two runs this week. Icing has helped, as well as Epsom salt baths (CVS makes lavender-scented salts... who knew??). I'm hoping that my extra rest this week also helps put me back on track.

Last Saturday I did my long run on Comm. Ave. to Boston College – my first experience with Heartbreak Hill! It was kind of fun being out there with so many other runners... I felt like I was in a road race. Like Annie mentioned in her first post, there is this sense of camaraderie when you're out there. It was one of those mornings that makes me excited to get out and run... it was cold but the sky was blue, I had some good tunes on the iPod and for once I didn't feel as though I was running through a wind tunnel. I decided to experiment with Sport Beans and regular Jelly Belly beans and felt pretty good. Still need to figure out my hydration situation though. Running with a water bottle in hand is not fun so I think I'm going to give in and buy a water belt.

I'm slowly learning where friends and family are going to be situated along the route on marathon day, which is exciting. Knowing they are out there will definitely help to keep me motivated. Maybe I can convince a few to keep a stash of Jelly Bellies for when I come shuffling by? ;)

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