Friday, February 26, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods – Andrew

I did not go to Grandmother's house, but I literally went over the river (Charles) and through the woods (Concord). Starting around noon, I ran from my apartment in Brighton to Concord (a total of 14.8 miles according to googlemaps). Much of the run was spent running along Trapelo Road and to my dismay it was uphill much of the way. Fortunately, Saturday was beautiful and sunny so I didn't mind the climb so much. Once I crossed over 95 (128), the scenery was much more picturesque. I passed by the DeCordova Museum, Bakers Hill and Walden Pond. I finished my run down Thoreau Street into the town of Concord. Concord is not very big, but big enough to have a commuter rail station. I took the train back into Boston (Porter Square) and then the bus back home. The long runs do not seem to get any easier, and I need to start increasing the mileage. I love running outside, and hope it warms up soon. With all the torrential rain we have had recently, this Saturday does not look good. I do my long runs on Saturday, and Sundays are my day of rest.

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