Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I'm Running - Andrew

I have been running off and on for several years. I started running my last year at Brigham Young University. I never ran track and field or cross country. When I moved to Boston I found runners everywhere. Boston is the marathon mecca and hosts the prestigious Boston Marathon.

One of my favorite places to run is the Charles River. I also like exploring other trails in and around Boston/New England. I do not train regularly, but I usually get in some runs on the weekends, weather permitting. I enjoy running as it gives me a chance to explore the outdoors and exercise at the same time. I have run several half marathons and two marathons. I have run races in Townsend (TN), Boston, New York City, Moab (UT), and Salt Lake City.

Why am I running in the 2010 Boston Marathon? How could anyone not want to run in the Boston Marathon? It is one of the most exciting annual events in Boston. There are so many participants, spectators and volunteers from all over the country/world. I am running in the 2010 Boston Marathon to help raise money for the Vernon Cancer Center and the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Charitable Foundation. I am also running because it is exciting to participate in the same race with elite runners, the Hoyt’s and so many others. Team Hoyt has always been an inspiration to me. I am also running because it is a challenge.

My plan for training is to run as much as possible over the next ten weeks. I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I would be participating. How does training for a marathon affect my daily life? I have to get up earlier, eat more/better and sleep better. It is exciting to have something like this to prepare for.

My only two concerns are that the weather will be too cold or too hot on race day… Oh yeah, the third concern is hitting “the wall.” I try not to think about it too much. I ran 13 miles last Saturday and I felt great. This was a surprise since I have only run five times (short distances) before this over that last couple of months!

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