Thursday, February 25, 2010

Outside Today...Rain and All - Tom

My initial euphoria at running the Marathon has fallen with the barometric pressure and persistent rain this week. The realization hits home that there are many miles to run before April 19. Hopefully, we're not having a gray and rainy March. Seasonal Affective Disorder hasn't hit me yet this winter and I don't have time for indoor “light therapy”. Part of me is ready to run it this weekend and get those hours of running (and recovering from running) back. Still, I'm sure I'd just waste the extra time browsing silly sites on the Internet. By the way, my evening internet browsing has decreased with the training. You might suggest your teenagers take up marathon training.

I heard about a 30K race around the Wachusetts Reservoir in Clinton. It's next weekend, March 7. We're thinking of using it as a training run. It's said to be very hilly, a good prep for Boston, with drinks and support on the route. Sylvie and I talked about running part of the marathon course. I'm ambivalent and she's opposed so we won't be doing it. Her argument is that the course will feel more interesting if we stay off it. Anyone who's lived here for 30 years knows the second half of the course anyway. I'm still healthy and relatively happy, so time to signoff. I ran on a treadmill Tuesday, so it's outside this afternoon, rain and all.

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