Friday, February 26, 2010

Running in Central Park – Maureen

As more friends/family learn that I'm running in this year's marathon, I'm frequently being asked, “How is your training going?” I'm hardly ever a Debbie Downer but I haven't been able to give many positive responses to that question this week! My right hip is still giving me problems, which has been hindering my runs, and I came down with a nasty sinus infection in the beginning of the week that I'm still fighting off. However, I'm starting to see a light through the tunnel… I met with Carl Faust in Physical Therapy at Newton-Wellesley to figure out the cause of my hip pain. Apparently my scoliosis has a lot to do with it since my right hip is higher than my left. He gave me some exercises that should help out. I also got a deep tissue massage on my hips and legs yesterday - not the most pleasant experience! I feel great today though and plan on getting one or two more of them before the marathon.

I was in NYC visiting friends last weekend so I did my long run on Friday afternoon through Boston and along the Charles. The wind was ridiculous in certain spots - at one point it looked like I was running but I literally was not even moving! I was not pain free throughout but it felt good to complete it. My one goal while in Manhattan (provided my hip was feeling ok) was to do a run on Sunday in Central Park… and I did! It was a gorgeous morning and the run went well... all I was missing was my Red Sox hat ;-)

My goal this weekend is to do 15 miles… in dry, sunny weather… with zero hip pain. Not too much to ask, right?

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