Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sprain in my Train - Vanessa

Guys, I got injured. NOOOO!!!!! The good news is it’s just a sprain. I took the last 10 days off to ice and rest and was able to run four miles pain-free yesterday. The bad news is I’m now about 35 miles behind, wearing an ugly Velcro brace on my foot and have to endure the embarrassment of telling people that I sprained my ankle running to catch the T. Word to the wise: If you are a T-commuter and you see the train is already at the station as you approach, don’t run. There will be more trains. If you do run, at least change into your tennies before you leave the office. Don’t be the girl running for the T schlepping a massive purse and wearing a pair of size-too-small-but-too-cute-not-to-buy ballet flats. Not a great combo.

Unfortunately I don’t have any great running stories to share from the last week but I will admit that I have become hyperaware of the dangers of pedestrianism. Since I’ve been babying my poor ankle the wide avenues of Boston have transformed into narrow, icy obstacle courses with booby traps at every turn. At this point I’m surprised I don’t sprain an ankle on a weekly basis trekking over uneven pavement while hoards of rabid dogs and their oblivious owners try to entangle me in a web of leashes. It’s a dangerous world out there, friends. Walk with caution!

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