Friday, February 15, 2013

That Nervous Feeling - Kellie

This past week wasn't much to blog about. I was lucky to have a long weekend off from work, Friday through Monday. Other than shoveling on Saturday, I was pathetically lazy. I had no energy. I blame my woman hormones and mother nature.

I was back to work Tuesday and back to the Shipley after work. I find it much easier to workout after work than to workout on my days off. I'm starting to follow the Spartan Race workouts of the day. Since I have been initiated into the Spartan word, I receive Spartan WODs on a daily basis and I've just started to read them instead of delete them. The workouts are similar to cross fit style workouts and seem to keep me from wandering around aimlessly in the gym attempting to figure out how to torture myself.

Wednesday night the Spartan WOD was suicide sprints, burpees, suicide sprints, burpees...etc until I nearly puked. That was punishment for my lack of weekend motivation. Thursday's WOD was to get a sledgehammer or ax and either bang on a tire with the sledgehammer or chop wood with the ax. I couldn't find those objects at the Shipley so instead I warmed up on the elliptical, tossed up a medicine ball, swung around a kettle bell, worked my abs then ran one mile as fast as I could on the dreadmill. I decided on a whim to add that last mile. I may try that after all my "non-run" workouts. It felt good to go the extra mile.

Luckily the snow seems to be melting so I should be back to the roads soon. Hopefully I can fit in a 10+mile road run this weekend. The weekend after I have a half-marathon and the weekend after that a 20 mile race. I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I'm starting to get that nervous feeling in my gut.

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