Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness – Laura

I run 15 miles on the falling snow. It is peaceful and beautiful in the snow. I run with the running shirt my co-worker and friend, Michelle Cullen, has given to me for training. It is perfect for this weather!

The next day I go with my two daughters for a pedicure. I tell the manicurist that I am so happy she is open because I am training for the marathon and my feet will feel so good after a massaging pedicure. Another woman in the salon overhears me. She tells me she has run the Boston Marathon as a charity runner before too. She has lots of wisdom to share, and it turns out, her daughter goes to the same school as my youngest, and she lives close by. Her name is Deidre. When she leaves, she gives me her email address, and a check for a donation.

The message I receive is: The universe is full of gifts called random acts of kindness; I will try to do my part in replenishing the universe’s supply.

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